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Restaurant International Jurmala is the embodiment of the resort and rest. Sea air, light breeze and pine groves perfectly combines with the philosophy of the restaurant - that all the ingenious is hidden in nuances. International Jurmala is ease, unique taste and individual approach.


The concept of the restaurant is unique – the restaurant offers portions of the right size at reasonable prices, which gives guests freedom of choice and the opportunity to enjoy a variety of tastes at one visit to the restaurant. The restaurant attracts visitors with attention to details in service and individual approach.


The sizes of portions will please both – sophisticated clients and those who visit the restaurant for the main meal of the day. The menu features international dishes from the restaurant’s chef, and in addition, guests will be pleased with author's sushi assortment.


International Jurmala will be an excellent holiday destination for both - city visitors and local residents. In the summer time there is a terrace, where you can enjoy carefree time having a late breakfast, lunch or dinner. The interior of the restaurant is made in light colors, and the modern minimalism and accessories complement the general philosophy of the restaurant. The restaurant is located in the prestigious district of Jurmala, on the main street of Bulduri, just a 5-minute walk from the Baltic Sea coast.




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