Our concept

International menu, mini dishes, freedom of choice, original design and service philosophy create new culture of public catering.

Unique atmosphere

In International SV we offer emotions consisting of a combination of ideas, goals, notions, innovations and unique approach to any of our guests, regardless of whether you came just to drink coffee or to have a solid meal. We are independent of any local, political and national principles. We have our own policy in which all clients and nationalities are equal which is proved by our concept, menu and service style.

Attention to details

Our concept allows us to focus on each element of the restaurant. Creation of any mini-dish requires delicate handling from our Chef – observance of cuisine traditions of different countries and at the same time the use of modern approach. Attention to details is our service.

Affordable glamour

We strive for breaking the usual stereotypes of catering industry. Our guests deserve luxurious food and service at a reasonable price.