Zander fillet cooked on stone

€ 12.50 | € 19.00
with honey-mustard potato puree and red wine sauce with bacon and shallots

Sea bass fillet

€ 14.60
with potato fondant, sautéed spinach and porcini velouté

Siberian sturgeon fillet

€ 13.80
with potato-celery puree, baked turnip, “Olivier” dressing and trout caviar

Catfish fillet

€ 9.50 | € 18.00
with puree from beet and raspberries baked in sea salt, served with apple cider sauce

Grilled octopus with black risotto

€ 18.90
(black chanterelles, black fermented garlic, cuttlefish ink) with goat cheese and olive sauce

Seafood pasta with dried free-range egg yolk

€ 15.00
(octopus, tiger prawns, sea scallop, squid, mussels)

The availability of menu items can vary depending on the season!