€ 7.00
with lightly salted local trout caviar (eco-ponds <em>Pērtnieki</em>) and sour cream

“Fish Symphony”

€ 7.00 | € 13.50
tuna, salmon and tiger prawn wrapped in nori with soya-honey sauce

Kamchatka crab claws meat tempura roll

€ 11.50 | € 22.00
with mango-sesame salsa

Dozen Burgundy escargots

€ 11.20
in a tomato and garlic butter with French baguette and Camembert cheese

Mussels in a white wine sauce

€ 8.90 |€ 15.50
with garlic and fennel, served with homemade french fries

Baked mussels and oysters

€ 13.80
with Aioli sauce, sabayon and goat cheese. Served on volcanic salt.

The availability of menu items can vary depending on the season!